An excellent day !?

I left the house at about 8.20, caught the train into Manchester. So far, so good.

But, just after we left Flowery Field, the train ground to a stop. And stayed there. The very helpful guard explained that there was a problem with the overhead power lines, and we were likely to be there for some time. After about an hour (!), he told us that we would have to do a ‘controlled evacuation’ and walk back to Flowery Field station where a bus would take us into Manchester.

So we did that. But there was no bus. We were told to walk to Hyde North station, which was only a few minutes away, and get another train from there. He didn’t say it was a few minutes by car, and about 15 minutes on foot.

When we eventually got to Hyde North, a train did arrive, but then it sat there to wait for everyone else. We finally got to Piccadilly about 11.30. I decided I had done enough walking and would catch the free bus, but that didn’t turn up for about 15 minutes. Then at the junction with King Street, there was a lorry blocking the road. We sat there for a while and then were told to get off and walk. (Ironically, it was  Kingspan lorry!)

So I eventually arrived about 12.15 – nearly 4 hours for a journey that normally takes about 1.5 hours door to door. I then checked in, and was told that by that time they had sorted out all the jury panels that were needed that day, so I could go home again!

Fortunately the journey home was uneventful and I got back at about 1.45 having spent 5.5 hours achieving nothing (apart from experiencing a controlled evacuation and finding out where Hyde North station is.)

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